Past Issues

Explore the topics we have focused on in previous months.

Coffee and Covid

In our first edition, we experience a coffee harvest in Costa Rica turned upside down - and the impact of COVID-19 on the epic journey of migrants that make this iconic industry possible.

Women not numbers

Our second edition explored themes related to the life and death of women in Costa Rica: from the country's struggle to overcome its last hurdles in infant and maternal mortality, the faces of adolescent pregnancy, to a three-part series on the femicide.

Lessons learned

On March 1st 2021, with our third edition, we set out on a journey through Costa Rica's mid-pandemic education system. We called it "Lessons Learned," and explored what the nation's schools have learned under extreme stress over 2020.

The trailblazers

What does rural tourism in Costa Rica look, feel, smell, taste, and sound like? What does it mean to be a rural tourism entrepreneur in one of the most diverse destinations in the world? How has COVID-19 affected rural tourism in Costa Rica? Can the Costa Rican government save the sector... or can rural entrepreneurs save themselves? We asked ourselves all these questions, and in a very ambitious edition—with seven in-depth articles, four opinion columns, and nine articles written by members of our Directory 506—we tried to answer them.

Costa Rica Inside Out

A month when we turned the keys over to Directory 506. These pieces are shaped by El Colectivo 506, but generated by the rural tourism and nonprofit leaders we’re here to serve. Behind the scenes, we made surveys and forms, tools, and editing procedures, all designed to help us develop stories not just about, but also with rural organizations.