RFP Directorio 506

Project Name: Directory 506

Company: El Colectivo 506
Date of Issue: Monday, February 22, 2021
Deadline for proposal submission: March 1
Selection of provider by: March 8
Please submit questions or proposals to Katherine Stanley, [email protected] 
Budget: Open to quotes
Timeline: Partial launch April 15, Full launch June 15

1. Intro / Project Overview:

Directory 506 (Directorio 506 in Spanish) will be the only national tourism directory in Costa Rica that combines bilingual, searchable listings of rural tourism enterprises, with links to articles (photo essays, features and in-depth pieces) that help travelers get to know the rural communities of Costa Rica. Our mission for the Directory is to support the rural economies of Costa Rica by helping nonprofit organizations and businesses establish relationships with national and international travelers who are interested in the country’s natural treasures, culture, and people.

2. Company Overview:

El Colectivo 506 is a bilingual media startup that began fundraising in September 2020 and publication on Jan. 1, 2021. It combines two linked websites: a digital in-depth magazine that covers one topic each month (elcolectivo506.com), and the national rural tourism directory to be developed through this RFP (elcolectivo506.com/directory).

3. Target Website Audience (Readers):

English-speaking and Spanish-speaking travelers in Costa Rica and abroad who are interested in Costa Rica; experiential, authentic, rural tourism; community life; and/or in-depth journalism.

4. Target Website Users (Subscribers):

Companies and community organizations participating in rural tourism in Costa Rica (hereinafter, “companies”). Initially we will limit ourselves to 140 members of the National Chamber of Rural Experiences and the 100 affiliates of Amigos of Costa Rica, while we develop the eligibility criteria (considering factors such as the size of the venture, location, tourist declaration, etc.) that we will use to define participation once we open it to the general public.
5. New Website Objectives: Allow users to navigate, easily and efficiently, the profiles of hundreds and eventually thousands of rural tourism companies and browse photos and content related to those companies in our digital magazine.

6. New Website Functionality Requirements:

• WordPress based.
• Bilingual.
• Compatibility / Integration (current or future) with the digital magazine located at elcolectivo506.com. Eventually (if it can’t be done immediately) we want to be able to link the profiles with related articles in the magazine.
• Capacity for hundreds and eventually thousands of users to create accounts, subscribe at their desired payment level, create a profile and upload content.
• Each company can create a Free user and profile as outlined below. Each company can then opt to upgrade to a paid level; companies at paid levels can also be downgraded if they so choose (the site must allow us to retain their premium information and restore it if they later resume payment).
• Payment system for companies that decide to opt for the two paid levels, “Basic” (approximately $100 / year) and “Premium” (approximately $ 250 / year). Each level opens up new content options in their profiles as explained below.
• Map: Companies must be able to place a pin to georeference their company on our map when creating their profile. The map with all the pins is displayed in the Home of the directory and is also seen in each profile (centered on the company of that profile). The map must be able to accommodate different colors and sizes so that we can distinguish between the Free (small black dot), Basic (colored pin) and Premium (colored star) levels.

7. Wish list:

• We eventually want the map to be searchable/filtered in a variety of ways, including category (to see only Lodgings, Tours, Community Organizations, etc.), keywords, etc., and to include travel-related stories from our digital magazine as well, even if we have to include those stories manually.
• We also eventually want functionality at the level of a Community Page where director subscribers from a given community can offer community news, local itineraries and stories from that area.

8. Membership levels that subscribers can choose from. New options for each level are bolded.

• Business name, business
• description of a maximum of 100 words,
• cover photo + 3 content photos,
• contact (email and phone number),
• a web address that can be a website or a network social,
• location on the map.
• Add up to 3 keywords for the search engine

• Business name, business
• description of a maximum of 400 words,
• cover photo + gallery with 10 content photos WITH DESCRIPTION IN EACH PHOTOGRAPH,
• Twovideos
• contact(email, phone numbers ),
• a web address that can be a website
• location on the map
• Link to all social networks including WhatsApp
• Reviews
• You can include activities in the event calendar of El Colectivo 506
• Add up to 10 keywords for thesearch engine

• Business name,
• description of the business of a maximum of 400 words,
• cover photo + gallery with 20 photos of content WITH DESCRIPTION IN EACH PHOTOGRAPH,
• Twovideos
• contact(email, phone numbers),
• a web address that can be a website
• Link to all networks social networks including WhatsApp
• location on the map
• Reviews
• You can include activities in the events calendar of El Colectivo 506
• Appear among the first deals in the search engine
• Appear on a rotating basis on the home page (Featured Entrepreneurship section)
• Appear in the Travel and Lifestyle section of El Colectivo 506
• Thumbnails of articles from El Colectivo 506 related to the company, product of a program of communication support from our team
• FB and Instagram widgets so that recent company posts are displayed
• Access to mentoring platform
• Add up to 20 keywords for the search engine

9. Ecommerce details:

Payment platform must be compatible with Greenpay, our subscriber payment platform for the digital magazine (elcolectivo506.com).

10. Budget:

We ask that entities provide their own quotes. We are open to the use of themes and templates.

11. Proposal Requirements:

We are looking for a proactive, creative, enthusiastic and very good communicator (person or team) who wants to work on a project with the potential to support rural tourism and shape the future of rural travel at a critical time.
The person or team has to be able to work fast, concentrate on our project during agreed-upon time periods, and work directly with us: we must have direct communication with the developer in charge. If the desired work approach is sprints, they must be short and focused, with fast turnarounds. It is essential that the person or team work with us to develop a clear and detailed work calendar; schedule and attend weekly update meetings throughout the work period; and respond promptly to questions or concerns in between meetings when necessary and according to agreed-upon work rhythms and schedules.
Candidates should be very comfortable working with WordPress and customizing within WordPress.

12. Website RFP & Project Timeline Details:

RFP release: Feb. 22
Deadline for proposal submission: March 1
Selection of provider by: March 8
Partial launch date: April 15th (with only basic level for all companies)
Full launch date with three levels, all requirements and payment platform: May 31st