Poem from the road: For Lara


There are thousands of women I admire. I admit that many leave a strong impression on me, even if I’ve never met them. But there is only one woman who profoundly transformed my life. My daughter, Lara.

The idea of sharing a tribute to her in this space has been a challenge, because I will hardly do her justice in words or images. That said, I would like to leave printed in time, on the internet and in this publication, the following:


“Thank you, daughter, for coming to open so many roads, all so beautiful. I know that time is not exactly linear, and that life goes on. I admire you, daughter, in all your moon phases, and I recognize how you face the days with your sunlight ”.
With love, má.



Throughout the month of February, as a complement to our “Women, Not Numbers” edition, we will be publishing the reflections of photographers in Costa Rica about the women they most admire.