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Our bilingual digital magazine is only half of our unique model. Directory 506 is the only national tourism directory in Costa Rica that combines bilingual, searchable listings of rural tourism enterprises, with links to photos, features, and in-depth journalism that help travelers get to know Costa Rica’s rural communities. We’re on a mission to support Costa Rica’s rural economies by helping nonprofits and businesses build relationships with national and international travelers who are interested in the country’s natural treasures, culture, and people.

What is Directory 506?

Our platform features bilingual listings from tourism-related businesses and nonprofits all over Costa Rica. They’re searchable by category, keyword, or location, or by using our Costa Rican map. We offer three levels including Free access; a Basic subscription that includes more features; and a Premium level in which members receive training and support from El Colectivo 506’s editorial team so that they can create quality content for publication in the digital magazine. We built this approach by offering free services to affiliates of the Chamber of Rural Experiences and Amigos of Costa Rica, an organization that represents more than 100 Costa Rican nonprofits, during our pilot stage in early 2021. Membership is now available on a monthly or yearly basis.

What are the benefits of belonging to the Directory?

Members of our Directory are part of a searchable platform for Costa Rican and international travelers with a particular interest in rural tourism. They also join a network of fellow entrepreneurs and El Colectivo 506 journalists who are committed to covering the challenges and beauties of Costa Rica’s rural areas. Directory Members are a crucial source of information and opinions that help enrich our coverage and allow us all to work together to showcase Costa Rica’s communities. Premium Members also access training from our communications experts to help generate more and higher-quality digital content to promote their work and strengthen relationships with current and potential customers.

How do the Directory and El Colectivo 506’s digital magazine work together?

Nuestros periodistas utilizan constantemente las imágenes y la información compartida en el Directorio para mejorar y enriquecer nuestra cobertura de las comunidades rurales de Costa Rica; por ejemplo, podríamos presentar una imagen de alta calidad en una de nuestras publicaciones diarias, vinculando al perfil del directorio de miembros o presentar un próximo evento compartido por un miembro del directorio en una función de viajes. Los lectores de nuestra revista digital están constantemente expuestos a las noticias e imágenes que comparten los miembros del directorio. Los miembros Premium también recibirán formación por parte de nuestros profesionales de la comunicación para mejorar su propio contenido y ampliar su presencia en la revista digital.

Why did we create Directory 506?

Costa Rican businesses and nonprofits in rural areas were among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis, with urgent social, economic, and environmental consequences. At El Colectivo 506, we’re on a mission to support rural communities’ recovery and growth by helping nonprofits and rural businesses share their stories and build relationships with national and international travelers.

What makes it different?

Directory 506 is the only national traveler’s resource in Costa Rica to focus exclusively on rural community tourism; the only directory to include nonprofits and community organizations that offer tourism services; and the only directory linked to a media organization that draws from the directory for story ideas, images, and community news. We are also the only directory to offer communications training so that members can increase the quality of their storytelling and gain visibility in our digital magazine as a result.

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