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We are a media organization that empowers, supports, and connects voices throughout Costa Rica—especially in rural areas—through solutions journalism. That’s how we’re changing the conversation about our country’s problems.

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We seek to become a consolidated B Corporation that—through the social, environmental and economic commitment of the global B Corp movement—unites individuals and organizations, public and private, to change the converssation about Costa Rica’s problems through solutions journalism and the inclusion of more voices. In this way, we will become a national and regional aenchmark for sustainable journalism with a positive impact.

Solutions Journalism for and from Costa Rica

El Colectivo 506 is an independent media outlet founded in Costa Rica in 2020 by a group of women passionate about the rural communities of Costa Rica. Our biligüal (English/Spanish) digital magazine focuses on solutions journalism for and from Costa Rica.

What is Solutions Journalism?

Solutions journalism seeks to go beyond denouncing and show concrete and proven actions that have been applied to problems. When analyzing the solutions, it seeks to make visible not only its achievements, but also its limitations in order to promote replicability.

It is investigative journalism that brings hope.

Organizations that support and endorse our journalism:

We have publish more than 80 contributors.

Our team and contributors:

Katherine Stanley Obando

Co-founder and editor in chief

Katherine is a journalist, editor and author living in Costa Rica for the past 18 years. She is also the co-founder of JumpStart Costa Rica and Costa Rica Corps, and author of "Love in Translation."

Mayela López


Mayela is a freelance photographer and journalist based in Costa Rica, especially interested in photojournalism and documentary photography. She has worked for media such as Grupo Nación, Agence France Presse (AFP), América Economía Magazine (Chile), Nuestro Diario newspaper (Guatemala) and the Mexican News Agency.

Priscilla Mora Flores


Priscilla lives in Costa Rica and has been linked to photography since she was 15 years old, when everything was analog, chemical and in a dark room. She studied Photography at the Véritas University, and since 2006 she began working with projects of Photojournalism in the media and Social Documentary Photography, around gender, migration, culture, human rights and native traditions of Latin America. Together with colleagues, she founded the Nomad Collective in 2008.

Glorianna Ximendaz


Glorianna is a visual storyteller and activist based in Costa Rica who uses photography as her primary medium. The exploration of everyday life with a humanistic approach is the link that connects all her projects. She works as a freelance photojournalist for various international media.

Nivaria Perera


Retired journalist who is always up to something. She is currently a member of a group of enterprising veteran journalists who edited the virtual newspaper 24.Cr and the Revista Visión.CR to be published in June. She collaborates with the National Library, where she has taught and will teach courses on literary creation and reading.

Mónica Quesada Cordero

Co-founder and graphic editor

Mónica is an award-winning photojournalist with 17 years of experience developing photographic projects in the editorial, portrait, wildlife, food and architecture areas. In addition, she has experience in writing and a master's degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production.

Esteban Calderón Montero


Esteban was born in San Isidro del General, Pérez Zeledón. He’s a business and educational administrator, now serving as Assistant Principal of the Pacífico Sur High School in Ciudad Cortés de Osa. Communication has always been one of his great passions, leading to the founding in 2019 of Costa Ballena TV, a digital media organization in the Southern Zone.

Thomas Enderlin


Tom has a diverse background in commodities trading, sustainability, travel and journalism. When not chasing stories, Tom runs a fly fishing outfitter in Costa Rica and around the world focused on boutique small group adventures, conserving fisheries, and community engagement.

Gloria Calderón Bejarano


Gloria is a Costa Rican photojournalist and graduate of Boston University. She was recognized as Photographer of the Year for her work at La Nación in 2000. Her work has been exhibited and commended at more than 30 individual and collective exhibitions in Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, the United States and Europe, and she is the author of the books “Costa Rica Pura Vida,” “SazonArte,” and “La Negrita.”

Andrea del Mar


Andrea is a Costa Rican photographer. In 2018, her first child was born; from that moment on, she has worked to portray the intimacy, divinity and reality of motherhood with honesty and romanticism. Her current work portrays feminine divinity in connection with nature.

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