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By supporting our newsroom, your business or organization can showcase your connection to the causes you care about most. You’ll help create compelling and purposeful content about solutions being implemented in Costa Rican communities.

Our financial partners reach people in Costa Rica and around the world who are passionate about rural Costa Rican life, travel to rural destinations, and the people who live in those communities. We do this through:

  • Fresh, in-depth journalism about solutions to Costa Rica’s biggest challenges
    Travel and living stories that share the best of Costa Rica with the world
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We reach a bilingual audience:

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All of our sponsorship options include: simultaneous English-Spanish publication on elcolectivo506.com and social networks, brand presence in sponsored materials and newsletters, and graphic design to support sharing on your own social networks. El Colectivo 506 is governed by a strict code of editorial freedom.

Our sponsorships start at $350, including:

  • Co-creation of an opinion column that positions your brand
  • Co-creation of a Travel and Living piece
  • Co-creation of our column “Media Naranja”
  • Sponsorship of one of our solutions journalism longforms
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Our sponsors and donors help us hire freelance journalists to explore the country’s challenges and the solutions that are being implemented

Learn about some of the topics we’re exploring in 2023 and join one of our editions!

The truth about recycling:

By reporting on recycling success stories in Costa Rica—with a special focus on what’s being done outside the Greater Metropolitan area—as well as two free and user-friendly tools, we’ll encourage more effective citizen participation. In addition to our regular publications, we’ll create:

  • A bilingual microsite that shows what can and cannot be recycled in our country, so that people not only know how to separate their waste properly, but also understand the importance of preparing it correctly.
  • A bilingual wiki co-created with rural tourism entrepreneurs and NGOs around the country so that both residents and tourists can find collection centers and routes for recyclable waste throughout the country.

Climate Anxiety and Youth:

Costa Rica does not experience climate change in a homogeneous way. Like the rest of the world, it has populations that are affected by this phenomenon to varying degrees: the hardest hit are our coastal communities and northern plains, where extreme weather events have had a disproportionate impact. In many cases, these rural communities are generating effective climate change adaptation projects and strategies, turning their anxiety into action—but their voices are not always heard in a national media ecosystem dominated by the Greater Metropolitan Area.

El Colectivo 506 will report hand in hand with the coastal communities on the solutions they are generating.

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