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What would it take for more people to take up composting in Costa Rica? Where else in the world is this practice being implemented successfully? And does it meet...

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How to dispose of medications in Costa Rica—and why it’s so important to do it right

We all know that we can and should take care when disposing of recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, glass, and certain plastics—or hazardous materials, such as batteries. However,...

The ecoins program: six years of learning and new challenges

The ecoins program emerged in 2018 with the goal of offering a solution to a real need: the comprehensive management of solid waste. On...

How journalists get hired—and why we should talk about it

This might seem like an odd time to discuss media organizations’ hiring policies, since in our field today, any hiring at all feels like...

My teacher: crazy about theater

One day, I sat with my dear teacher. His name is Fernando Thiel, but we all call him Profe Loco, or “Crazy Teacher.” He...

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The Wellbeing Route at El Colectivo 506

HIV and mental health in Costa Rica: read (or listen) to the full series

This longform series about HIV and mental health in Costa Rica, published in four parts, was supported by the Internews Health Journalism Network. Learn...

El Colectivo 506 series on HIV wins global reporting prize

On October 12th, the Internews Health Journalism Network announced that El Colectivo 506 co-founder Katherine Stanley Obando’s four-part series on HIV in Costa Rica,...

‘I felt that I had no right to be alive’

Sofia* is 27 years old. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was transmitted to her when she was born, in Nicaragua. However, she says that her...

El Colectivo 506 editorial staff explains the how, when, where and what of things to do and experience in Costa Rica.

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