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When environmental lawyer and Grupo Florex CEO Silvia Chaves heard about Certified B Corporations some seven years ago, she was intrigued. “The comprehensive nature of what they proposed resonated with...

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Costa Rican’s urban rivers: a paradise we’re not too late to save

“Yum!” says my daughter, tasting the juicy fruit of a bright-red coffee cherry. My husband, his feet covered in loose dirt baked by the summer sun, is busy uncovering a...

Welcome to Toolkit 2023: Turning inwards

Our first edition of this new year will be unlike any other we’ve published—in that we’re not publishing it. In 2022, our solutions journalism-focused media...

Just in Time for the Holidays: Arts and craft fair takes over Atenas

Every community has distinctive features that set it apart from its neighbors and are a source of local pride. Sometimes these are natural features,...

‘I don’t know how to close the gap, but I think journalism can’

Since the launch  of El Colectivo 506, Marie Garnier—a Costa Rican university professor based in the Netherlands—has been one of our most passionate readers....

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A space to share information and tools for entrepreneurs in Costa Rica .

The B Corp Movement and rural tourism: one entrepreneur’s story

Pippa Kelly is a natural starting point for El Colectivo 506’s deep dive into the world of Costa Rica’s Certified B Corporations. After all,...

The Wellbeing Route at El Colectivo 506

Rural Media Spotlight: Can shipping containers improve mental health access in Garabito?

As 2023 began, a major theme in national media coverage of mental health care in Costa Rica was a shortage of staff and resources...

Can Costa Rican municipalities safeguard caregivers’ mental health?

“Mom, don’t do that. Mom, make sure you don’t fall down. Mom, you ok over there?” Psychologist Giselle Chanto is trying to show me how...

Podcast in English: ‘Mental health in Costa Rica: Insight’

You can listen in Apple Podcast here This episode of our podcast shares the reading only in English of one of our stories published on...

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