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Announcing a group of new leaders in solutions journalism for Latin America

El Colectivo 506
El Colectivo 506
El equipo editorial de El Colectivo 506 trabajó en conjunto para publicar esta nota. The editorial staff of El Colectivo 506 worked together to publish this article.

We’re so proud to introduce this new group of solutions journalism leaders: the Second Train-the-Trainers Cohort for Latin America.

The Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) and El Colectivo 506 will carry out training in Spanish this month in solutions journalism, designed for journalism trainers, editors, reporters, and professors from journalism schools throughout Latin America.

During five virtual sessions over two weeks, the selected participants will develop training skills in solutions journalism so that they can then support solutions journalism projects with the accreditation and support of the SJN.

The program begins with formal training in what solutions journalism is, leading to an exploration of how to teach this practice, why it is important, and how to practice and teach it in particular contexts.

The selected participants make up the second cohort of trainers in Spanish, since the SJN generally carries out its Train-the-Trainers program in English. This training will be co-led by Tina Rosenberg, co-founder of SJN; Jonathan Gutiérrez, SJN representative for Latin America; and Mónica Quesada Cordero, co-founder of El Colectivo 506 and an accredited SJN trainer. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear from SJN-associated guests and accomplished network trainers who will provide insight into their work in solutions journalism.

Our selected participants are as follows:

David Flier, Red/Acción (Argentina)
Marcela María Martin, Climate Tracker (Brasil)
Mayela López Corrales, Periodista independiente (Costa Rica)
Diego Bosque González, La Nación de Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
Noelia Esquivel Solano, La Voz de Guanacaste (Costa Rica)
Silvia Castillo Nieto, Asociación de Periodismo Colaborativo Punto y Aparte (Costa Rica)
Isabel Alarcón, Tierra de Nadie/ Yutopía Ecuador/ Dialogue Earth (Ecuador)
Gabriela Barzallo, Colaboradora El País/ The Guardian (Ecuador)
Andrea Estefanía Orbe Saltos, Periodista independiente (Ecuador)
José Antonio Sánchez Pacheco, Comunicación Global Ecuador (Ecuador)
Jacqueline Beatriz Tobar, Periodista independiente (El Salvador)
Mirja Georgina Valdés Escobar, Ojoconmipisto (Guatemala)
Diana Carolina Romero Palmer, 9 Millones (Puerto Rico)
María Victoria Fermín, Crónica Uno (Venezuela)



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