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A day in the life

Our independent, women-run media organization shares in-depth journalism about solutions to environmental and social challenges—including mental health, which is under threat like never before in Costa Rica and Central America. Contact us to suggest a mental health solution we should cover in Central America in 2024, or to learn more about how to partner with us as a donor or sponsor so that we can share more solutions across the region.

Yabá Chiguí Lodge: A day in the life of an active retirement

The terrace of our living and dining room is the last frontier between human hands and the forest. There, with the Lajas Ravine at...

A day in the life of Jafet, a proud recycling collector

For two years and six months, Jafet Vilegas has been getting up every weekday at 6 am. He takes his time to say hello...

A day in the life of a master chocolatier

In the early hours of the morning, the noise of an ATV fills the hills of Turrubares and announces that Yorleny Cubillo, the chocolatier...

A night in the life of sea turtle protectors

Our new series "A Day in the Life" is part of our joint storytelling efforts with the members of Directory 506, our national directory...
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Online payment processing in Costa Rica: what small business owners need to know

Do you have a business that’s ready to sell online? What do you need to know in order to set up online payment processing?...

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