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Ripple effect

Our independent, women-run media organization shares in-depth journalism about solutions to environmental and social challenges—including mental health, which is under threat like never before in Costa Rica and Central America. Contact us to suggest a mental health solution we should cover in Central America in 2024, or to learn more about how to partner with us as a donor or sponsor so that we can share more solutions across the region.

How to make peace with the news

Adapted from a speech by Mónica Quesada Cordero, co-founder of El Colectivo 506, on Nov. 23 at TEDxLlorente Women 2023. Which of the following statements...

Welcome to ‘Ripple Effect’

In Costa Rica and across the Americas, democracy is no longer something any of us can take for granted. In many of our countries,...
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Online payment processing in Costa Rica: what small business owners need to know

Do you have a business that’s ready to sell online? What do you need to know in order to set up online payment processing?...

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