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Chirripó and its 13 guardians

Talking about Chirripó National Park always involves some numbers. The best known are 3,821, the number of meters above sea level of the towering...

The woman who runs Corcovado National Park, and why she loves her job

One morning in 2012, I was with a colleague on a review of the trails in San Pedrillo, one of the sectors of Corcovado...

Maybe it was the mountain

When’s the last time you nearly turned back? Stop for a moment amidst the rush; close your eyes, if you like. Imagine that moment you...

Ostional, challenging conservation paradigms since 1987

The research that has been carried out in Ostional since the 1970s has included a continuous analysis of whether the controlled extraction of eggs carried out by the community is detrimental to the species. El Colectivo 506 also wants to know, but above all to understand this community-conservation symbiosis that continues to challenge the conservation paradigm.

When Costa Rica’s national parks were empty

Why did we choose to dedicate our August edition, "Symbiosis," to Costa Rica's national parks and other protected areas? In a way, the idea began...

Conservation depends on grassroots food security

Tourism in Costa Rica is directly related to our natural resources and their protection. Ecotourism, rural community tourism, sun and beach tourism, and adventure...

Where the water meets the sand

The love story for the community of one of the pioneers of the Ostional project.
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Podcast in English: How can a city become age-friendly?

Today on our podcast, Mónica Quesada Cordero reads a story in Spanish from our February 2022 edition, Long Live CR, which focused on healthy...

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