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Marino Ballena: where the pandemic opened doors

It is the third most visited national park in Costa Rica; the economies of its neighboring communities are 95% dependent on tourism. However, when...

How San Lucas Island was reborn

In 2020, San Lucas Island became Costa Rica's 30th national park. What benefits has this brought to the protected area and surrounding communities?

Chirripó and its 13 guardians

Talking about Chirripó National Park always involves some numbers. The best known are 3,821, the number of meters above sea level of the towering...

Ostional, challenging conservation paradigms since 1987

The research that has been carried out in Ostional since the 1970s has included a continuous analysis of whether the controlled extraction of eggs carried out by the community is detrimental to the species. El Colectivo 506 also wants to know, but above all to understand this community-conservation symbiosis that continues to challenge the conservation paradigm.

By land and by sea: the story of Bahía Ballena

This national park is known throughout Costa Rica, and far beyond its borders, for the sand formation that looks just like a whale’s tail....

When earthquake and storm unite: Sarapiquí’s early alerts

Alfonso Gatgens prepared this longform piece on emergencies in Sarapiquí without knowing that the greatest emergency in more than a decade was headed for...

‘Sleeping peacefully depends on everyone’

Within a diverse context that includes border areas, indigenous and coastal communities, the Talamanca region has managed to organize an effective response capacity to natural hazards, thanks to committed people and community leaders who work to articulate and educate these populations.

Limón in three dishes: the history behind Costa Rica’s Afro-Caribbean cuisine

When was the last time you tasted rondón? How about a plate of rice and beans, perhaps with fish from the sea just a few...

Monte Verde and volunteering: what do we do when help can’t get through?

When an emergency occurs in a community, the relevant government entities activate their protocols. But what happens when a community like Monte Verde is...

Upala’s early alert system: learning from Hurricane Otto

Can you imagine being surprised by a raging flood in the middle of night? Knowing that the worst is yet to come, but not knowing...
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