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Young Writers

‘For my whole life, my existence has been invalidated’

As I was completing my Common App as a part of the university admissions process, I couldn't help but glance at the message saying...

‘We must take advantage of Costa Rica’s young talent’

The Luis Jorge Poveda Álvarez Arboretum, on the Osa Peninsula, is a place to dream. I have been dreaming here since my childhood, and...

‘We students need your patience’

I will never forget the moment in March 2020 when they passed out the printed announcement at the Liceo de Uvita, telling us that...
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Is journalism an obsession or addiction among the profession’s retirees?

““There are as may kinds of minds  as there are palates” -Baruch Spinoza I asked this question to a few retired colleagues. Some responded quickly. Others took...