Montserrat de Coronado, filled with surprises


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Visiting Montserrat de Coronado means entering the cloud forested mountains of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range. It is a magical and wonderful place that you must visit: you never know what you will find on the way.

This communityis  located 10 km from the center of the canton of Coronado. Although it is so close to San José, it feels like a faraway, rural place.

I am a native of Coronado, and when I was little, I’d go up to Montserrat to walk and see the landscape, as well as to breathe the clean air of the forest. It is a place that I love and treasure. That’s why, when I started in photography, I started visiting more often.

Several rural enterprises facilitate visits to this community, all doing sustainable tourism. I recommend joining one of the trail walks of Locos por el Bosque y Armonía Natural, also known as Posada Monserrat. In these magical places you can visit waterfalls, or go horseback riding, trout fishing and bird watching.

Many of the birds seen in Montserrat de Coronado are endemic species. I have been lucky enough to be able to photograph various species. Just to mention one of those special birds, the Spizaetus Ornatus, or the Royal Crested Eagle, has ingratiated itself with my camera.

As part of our Travel Thursdays, we have invited nature photographers to share photos of a natural place that they love in Costa Rica and that makes them happy. Check out more of these photo essays here.


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