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‘Managed retreat’ from climate disasters can reinvent cities so they’re better for everyone – and avoid more flooding, heat and fires

Sometimes small adaptations can help reduce the heat or minimize the damage. But when the risks get too high, one strategy that has to be considered is managed retreat – the purposeful movement of people, buildings and other infrastructure away from highly hazardous places.

A desert city tries to save itself with rain

The desert city has gradually implemented policies over the past decade to further water harvesting with the aim of bolstering conservation, lowering water bills and creating more green spaces.

Gulf Coast communities are solving their own flooding crisis. It could be a model for cities nationwide.

By Greta Moran, Grist, May 07, 2021 - Our team at El Colectivo 506 is proud to be working with the Solutions Journalism Network on this...
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Welcome to ‘Bilingual by 2040’

We’re willing to bet that few people have ever visited Costa Rica and left thinking, “One of their top priorities should be improving the...