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The power of looking back

Mónica Quesada Cordero
Mónica Quesada Corderohttp://www.mqcphoto.com
Mónica (Co-Fundadora, Editora Gráfica) es una galardonada fotoperiodista con 15 años de experiencia en el desarrollo de proyectos fotográficos en el área editorial, retrato, vida silvestre, comida y arquitectura. Además, cuenta con experiencia en escritura y redacción y una maestría en Producción Audiovisual y Multimedia. Mónica (Co-Founder, Graphic Editor) is an award-winning photojournalist with 15 years of experience developing photographic projects in the editorial, portrait, wildlife, food and architecture areas. In addition, she has experience in writing and a master's degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production.

On November 30, we held our annual virtual newsroom meeting with our community at El Colectivo 506. Katherine and I loved this conversation with a group of our members, readers, collaborators, and founding donors. We reflected on the road traveled during these two years of publication, and dreamed about the future and the year that is about to begin.

During the session, Rosa Chinchilla—who, in our October 2021 edition, “The Future of Cancer,” shared a Voices opinion column about her experience as a caregiver for a person with cancer—asked us as part of her holiday wish list to continue to look back.

“I love the follow-ups: characters who stay with us after a story. You wonder what happened to them, how they got around their situation, how they moved on,” Rosa wrote in the chat.

Rosa summed up our main reason for turning our December edition into one that looks back. In 2021 we had our first such edition, “Retrovisor 2021” (“Rearview 2021”), where we looked at the topics we’d covered during our first 11 months. We revisited characters and places and scheduled conversations we hadn’t been able to squeeze in the first time around. We celebrated achievements and moments that, during the year, had shaped our media organization and the community that accompanies us on the route of this collective bus.

Today we start a new Retrovisor, now looking not only at the route of 2022, but also that of 2021—because, as Rosa says, we keep asking ourselves, what has become of those communities? How are the people doing that we’ve met along the way? What else should we have reported at that time that we cannot leave behind?

In addition, we will continue to bring to the table the voices of our community, reflecting on places, efforts, and solutions that exist in our country and that are important to you.

Join us in this effort to look back in order to move forward with more strength.

Welcome to Retrovisor 2022.



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