I left my heart between Dominical and Uvita

The first time I visited the northern edge of Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast, it left an impression on me the way a lightning bolt marks the sky. If I could choose one place in the world to live—a choice free of any worry, responsibility, or need, thinking solely of myself—I’d choose a place hidden in some green corner between Dominical and Uvita.

The southern Pacific region of Costa Rica is a paradise in every sense of that word, but I don’t need to go too far south to come across this miracle. For me, it’s right there at the start of the south, close to Pérez Zeledón, just a few hours from San José, surrounded by nature, conservation, community, and pleasures (above all, good food).

I was able to visit the beaches, mountains and rivers between Dominical and Uvita several times over many years, when I was a photography tourism guide. Each time I visited, I fell in love a little more. It became my laboratory for experiencing photography and discovering wildlife. And that’s how, without meaning to and without realizing it, and in a secret way that today I make public in El Colectivo 506, I left in that place a little piece of my heart.