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Tips 506: How to buy souvenirs that benefit small businesses and communities

There's something magical about buying souvenirs. Perhaps it is because of the new color combinations, flavors, and shapes, or because of the treasured experiences...

Tips 506: How to plan a trip to Costa Rica with a positive impact

The new year has arrived, and with it, new possibilities. One of those could be a visit to Costa Rica, a country that in...

Limón in three dishes: the history behind Costa Rica’s Afro-Caribbean cuisine

When was the last time you tasted rondón? How about a plate of rice and beans, perhaps with fish from the sea just a few...

El machete: a swing through time

One of the most ubiquitous tools used throughout rural Latin America is the machete. When I moved to Costa Rica, the first gift I...
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Podcast in English: How can a city become age-friendly?

Today on our podcast, Mónica Quesada Cordero reads a story in Spanish from our February 2022 edition, Long Live CR, which focused on healthy...

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