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Young Writers

“Reading shaped who I am today”

I've always been a reader—even when it wasn't cool. Even when it was considered "nerdy" by others. The feeling of meticulously selecting a book...

Two sides

One’s hair is white and short; one’s hair is white and long. Sometimes, it’s in a bun. One wears a jacket, pants and boots; one...

Cancer in a pandemic, at age 20: a new opportunity every day

No one—including me—would have believed that abdominal pain 30 minutes after lunch meant cancer. I wasn’t scared. "Must have been the food," I thought....

Sisterhood and the sea turtles

For some people in the coastal communities of Costa Rica, a passion for conservation is born early. Sisters Keithlyn, Hazel and Daneycha Rankin Abraham...

‘Coming out is a constant thing’

Telling my friends in our rural community, Monteverde, was fairly easy. Coming out is a constant thing, though.
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‘I felt that I had no right to be alive’

Sofia* is 27 years old. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was transmitted to her when she was born, in Nicaragua. However, she says that her...

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