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Welcome to “Las Titas”


Rocío y Enrique.

Every morning in Costa Rica they get up and start to take care of their grandchildren, their parents, complex family networks that depend on them.

But what is the unseen cost of this care? How does the burden of care in an aging society reflect its inequalities… and how does it transcend them?

This month, our women-founded media organization has teamed up with the Fundación Yamuni Tabush to hire five photojournalists all Costa Rican women and mothers who have fanned out across the country to capture a day in the life of senior citizens who are caregivers.

We’re celebrating them all month long with photo essays from

Andrea Del Mar in Tamarindo, Guanacaste
Glorianna Ximendaz in Talamanca, Limón
Gloria Calderón in Puriscal, San José
Priscilla Mora in Palmares, Alajuela
Mónica Quesada in Tibás, San José

plus solutions stories, columns, and profiles that explore what’s working to reduce isolation ease stress and shine a light on this invisible labor.

Welcome to an edition of El Colectivo 506 unlike any we’ve done before.

Welcome to “Las Titas”

El Colectivo 506
El Colectivo 506
El equipo editorial de El Colectivo 506 trabajó en conjunto para publicar esta nota. The editorial staff of El Colectivo 506 worked together to publish this article.


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