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Entrepreneurs 506

Trainings for small businesses in Costa Rica

The world of trainings for small businesses in Costa Rica is a vast one. Virtual and in-person, free and paid, a host of offerings...

Tools for entrepreneurs and consumers: small business certifications in Costa Rica

“Everything, and nothing,” says Jorge Fallas with a laugh when asked what he’d change about Costa Rica’s small business certifications. What does this mean? Well,...

Welcome to ‘Toolkit 2022’

At El Colectivo 506, we’re proud to kick off our second year of publication with an edition dedicated to sharing information and resources that...

Introducing Entrepreneurs 506: tools for small businesses in Costa Rica

In our first year of publication at El Colectivo 506, we've become entrepreneurs ourselves—and we've met many more, with stories that are inspiring, frustrating,...
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‘Our heritage should never go out of style’

Some entrepreneurs might find that turning her passion into income might remove some of the joy. For others, the opposite occurs. A fleeting interest deepens...