Bread fruit (izq) and nonni harvest. Courtesy Hotel L’Etoile Celeste/El Colectivo 506

It’s been only eigth years since this garden stopped being a couple’s backyard with fruit trees, to become a botanical sanctuary for the palate, full of sweet and sour surprises, with strong aromas, and for all tastes.

The garden’s owners decided to open it for the enjoyment of others because they wanted to share with visitors what they have learned by planting and caring for each tree, plant and flower. This couple can talk about the benefits for physical and emotional health that each of the fruits that enrich the garden represents, and not only for humans but for many species of fauna that also feed on what is grown there.

Siri Arias (center) owner of the hotel takes two people on a tour around the botanical garden. Courtesy Hotel L’Etoile Celeste/El Colectivo 506

Imagine being able to learn about more than 150 different species of tropical and exotic fruit trees. This couple took on the challenge of cultivating about four hectares of the nine hectares that is their farm (the remaining five hectares are dedicated to reforestation and conservation). The place is now like a part of them: they have seen it grow and have seen how it helped to restore its environment, formerly devastated by large-scale pineapple production in the area.

At the Hotel y Jardin Botanico L ‘etoile Celeste, traveling is not only visiting, it is learning and experiencing with all your senses. They do it there by giving all visitors the opportunity to see, touch, smell and even taste a new fruit, or perhaps a fruit they know but do not know what the plant it comes from is like.

Kumquat citrus at the tree. Courtesy Hotel L’Etoile Celeste/El Colectivo 506
Passion fruit on its vine. Courtesy Hotel L’Etoile Celeste/El Colectivo 506
View of the Hotel and Botanical garden L’Etoile Celeste. Courtesy Hotel L’Etoile Celeste/El Colectivo 506

Stories created under the “Directory 506” byline are a joint effort between the editorial team of El Colectivo 506 and the entrepreneurs and organizations that participate in our national directory of rural tourism. This report was created thanks to the comments of Siri Arias Méndez of the Hotel Finca L’Étoile Celeste at La Unión, Katira, Alajuela. For more information about Directory 506, send a WhatsApp message to 8506-1506 or email us at: [email protected].


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