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Costa Rica Inside Out 2022

Gifts for moms near and far who love rural Costa Rica

Clock running out on your 2022 Costa Rican Mother’s Day gift? Burned out on flowers, chocolate, and cards? Consider recognizing the day with a...

A lush reserve with a storied past: Reserva El Quetzal

It’s not every nature reserve whose story can be traced back to volcanic eruptions, a president’s granddaughter, cross-cultural relationships, a surprise donation, a beloved...

A day in the life of an artisan in Bijagua

Elsa Solano, 38, is an industrial engineer and business administrator—but these days, she works as a mother, impromptu teacher, artisan and entrepreneur. Her day starts...

Welcome to ‘Costa Rica Inside Out 2022’

As we approach our second birthday at El Colectivo 506, we’re proud to launch our second annual Inside Out edition—in which we hand our...
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When visiting Costa Rica, choose your personal care products wisely

When I opened up the floor for the members of Entrepreneurs 506 to tell us what visitors to rural Costa Rica should remember to...