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Women Not Numbers

My grandmother and the sea

  My grandmother named me, and from that moment she welcomed me as a daughter. When the fog came to her mind, I became the caretaker...

When birth and death come face to face

Costa Rica should remember the year 2015 with joy. That year, the country reported its lowest infant mortality of the decade. For every 1,000...

Poem from the road: For Lara

  There are thousands of women I admire. I admit that many leave a strong impression on me, even if I've never met them. But...

One day we took each other’s hand. We never let go

Have you ever had that feeling of enormous pressure on your heart, but somehow it feels nice? That's what I feel when I see...

How to create a global circle of moms — in just two days

Everything has changed this year. My husband and I run a tourism business, Casitas Tenorio B&B, in rural northern Costa Rica. At the start of...
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Podcast in English: How can a city become age-friendly?

Today on our podcast, Mónica Quesada Cordero reads a story in Spanish from our February 2022 edition, Long Live CR, which focused on healthy...

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