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Welcome to ‘Rearview’



Our final edition of 2021 begins what we hope will be an annual tradition at El Colectivo 506: a month to look back at the stories we reported throughout the year. To chase down loose ends. To find out what happened with the plans and dreams that were left on the table. To reunite with the interviewees who had such a big impact on us and on the other journalists who have joined us along the way.

2021 has taken us from our first edition, which explored the impact of the pandemic on migrant coffee workers in Costa Rica, through our November edition, a look at tenacious athletes from non-traditional sports. We’ve traveled the country and learned more than we could ever fit into many months of articles. One particualrly powerful lesson has been that when a journalist can revisit a topic long after her deadline has passed, that’s where both she, and the people involved in the story, can sometimes learned the most.

That’s what “Rearview” is all about. So join us for a month of reunions, happy and not-so-happy developments, reflection and resolution.

Read the edition here.



El Colectivo 506
El Colectivo 506
El equipo editorial de El Colectivo 506 trabajó en conjunto para publicar esta nota. The editorial staff of El Colectivo 506 worked together to publish this article.


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