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The ever-changing border: Migration, coffee, and COVID in Costa Rica

In some ways, our entire December edition was an excuse to go find Máximo. There were plenty of unanswered questions that tantalized us, too, of...

How does symbiosis begin? The case of Barra Honda

"They say it was me, but no, it wasn't me," says Dorian Méndez, administrator of Barra Honda National Park. “I made a proposal. That...

The ones who raised their hands

It’s not easy to see the good things in the mirror. It’s so much simpler to give someone else the benefit of the doubt, or...

Costa Rica’s best-kept secrets: solutions journalism and our rural communities

When I was in second grade, the mother of my friend and classmate María Luisa said something to me that I carry with me...

Welcome to ‘Rearview’

Our final edition of 2021 begins what we hope will be an annual tradition at El Colectivo 506: a month to look back at...
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Why not this? Composting in Costa Rica

What would it take for more people to take up composting in Costa Rica? Where else in the world is this practice being implemented...

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