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There's something magical about buying souvenirs. Perhaps it is because of the new color combinations, flavors, and shapes, or because of the treasured experiences they capture. Buying souvenirs, especially...

A podcast with a bilingual format suitable for people who speak only English, only Spanish, or both, it explores the cultural, news, and personal issues that have shaped the medium and its stories.

Browse places and experiences off the beaten path. Learn more about communities you love.

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Explore Costa Rica, its culture, traditions, the places that will make you fall in love and the people that make them vibrate.

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What Costa Rica should have said to women tourists

This week, controversy erupted in Costa Rica when La Nación reported that the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT), with approval from the National Institute for Women (INAMU), released...

The athlete entrepreneur: how sponsors’ choices shape the future of Costa Rican sports

Sebastián Rodríguez Williams is a Brazilian jiu jitsu champion from Curridabat, Costa Rica. He’s a four-time Panamerican Champion and is ranked 15th worldwide. He...

What it means to support a world champion: one father’s story

In 2011, my daughter Kami was six years old and in the first grade. Luis Carlos Garza, the then-coach of the Santa Inés School...

The angels wait at the back of the pack

The writer Annie Lamott describes being skillful at something as being “fast” at it. The thing Lamott is fastest at is putting words together;...

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Browse places and experiences off the beaten path. Learn more about communities you love.


A space to share information and tools for entrepreneurs in Costa Rica .

El Colectivo 506 editorial staff explains the how, when, where and what of things to do and experience in Costa Rica.

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